Thursday, January 05, 2012

Board Gaming 2011: Five and Dime List

It's become a tradition in the online circles I run in to publish what games you've played the most over the past year, in the form of a "Five and Dime" list.  (Games you've played at least 10 times, or at least 5 times, in the preceding year.)  So, here's my list for this year:

2011 Dimes
Race for the Galaxy 38*
Innovation 24
No Thanks! 12
At the Gates of Loyang 10

2011 Fives 
Dominion 9
Jaipur 9
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game 8
Dice Town 7
Magic: The Gathering 7
Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League 7
Carcassonne 6
Stone Age 6
Aquarius 5
Arkham Horror 5
For Sale 5
Memoir '44 5
Small World 5
Ticket to Ride 5

A lot of these were two-player games with my wife - particularly Innovation, which has given me the most bang for my gaming buck of any purchase ever, and At the Gates of Loyang, which is her current favorite game.  Most of the RftG was played using the excellent Keldon AI program, so that might deserve a bit of a caveat there...


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