Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Links Roundup for 9/28/2011

More links!  (Many of these owe credit to SB7, who you should be reading anyway.)

1) Pet peeves about the language of environmentalism.  I especially like the thoughts on "green" stuff (the label):
The bigger problem actually is that they are bypassing the actual argument to be had: the argument over what is “green” (meaning, good for the environment). Just because you call something “green” doesn’t mean it’s actually good for the environment. You have to make an actual argument.... But because [items] have the “green” label, thought is bypassed. This label serves as a substitute for actual rational thought; in a sense, labeling things “green” makes people stupid.
2) If you can hijack an airliner with nothing more than a set of fingernail clippers...

3) Mike Rowe just became my new hero.  Why "safety first" is, and always has been, BS:
Is [safety] important? Of course. But is it more important than getting the job done? No. Not even close. Making money is more important than safety – always – and it’s very dangerous in my opinion to ignore that. When we start to believe that someone else is more concerned about our own safety than we are, we become complacent, and then, we get careless. When a business tells you that they are more concerned with your safety than anything else, beware. They are not being honest. They are hedging their own bets, and following the advice of lawyers hired to protect them from lawsuits arising from accidents.
I've always maintained that anyone who actually believed in "safety first" wouldn't get out of bed in the morning.

4) Quote of the Day.

5) A mini-Manhattan carved out of a marble slab.  So cool.

6) A graphic illustrating why I reflexively distrust governments.

7) Dogs on a surfboard!  (via)

8) Another reason to distrust government spending-cut numbers.

9) SB7 on censorship, browncoats, and most importantly, context.  See also: I Swear By My Pretty Floral Bonnet, I Will Censor You.


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