Thursday, July 07, 2011

Links Roundup for 7/7/2011

Here's another round of things I find amusing, engrossing, or appalling on the internet:

1) The law is being an ass in Australia. A ruling like this has the potential to kill the concept of telecommuting.

2) The bizarre story of a suicide attempt that ended with a kiss(?).

3) A doctor telling the tale of how she finds comfort in Grimm's fairy tales. They creep me out, personally.

4) Why you should never trust the government about a "temporary" tax. (If the 2008 "temporary stimulus" spending becoming the new baseline wasn't enough to convince you...)

6) A fascinating dialogue on cheating in higher education, between a professor and a dude who does others' homework for a living.

7) Apparently Uncle Sam is fining oil refineries for being unable to magic cellulosic ethanol into existence.

8) The only logical conclusion: "not only are Tampa’s children comically precious and vulnerable to suggestion, they also apparently can’t read."

10) The funniest internet video I've seen in ages. If you click no other link here, click this one.

11) What if Sauron built with LEGO?

12) This reminds me of our honeymoon trip to Dollywood, except this video is far funnier.


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