Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Links Roundup for 5/25/2011

More links! (Blogging while hiding in the bathroom due to another Tornado Warning. Welcome to the 21st century!)

1) An awesome slow-motion x-ray video of How Dogs Drink.

2) I love this list. I want it on a poster.

3) I want this age verification screen to be real so very much.

4) You really need to see the customer images for this toy. (via)

5) Best description of Disney EVER: (via)
[P]eople thought Walt Disney was crazy, and in fact, he was. He bought some orange groves and said, "I'm gonna make tourists from all over the world come here." He wanted to carpet part of it. The story is his wife had to talk him out of it.

After that succeeded, he set up a secret cluster of fronts/companies and secretly bought huge tracts of uninhabitable, gator-infested swampland in Florida to do the same thing again, only bigger.

He hired engineers to build robot pirates. How does it get any cooler than robot pirates?! The original Pirates of the Caribbean (before they PC'd it up) was little more than a musical salute to rape and alcoholism, and we all bought into it as family entertainment.
6) A scathing attack on Capcom's DRM that locks out game owners while the PlayStation Network is down.

7) Best use of LEGOs ever? I report, you decide!


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