Monday, April 25, 2011

Links Roundup for 4/25/2011

Another batch of fascinating/irritating/brilliant links from around the web.

1) A great video illustration of why people who are vociferously anti-vaccination are total morons. (NSFW language in video at link.)

2) Empire Strikes Back retold in icons.

3) The story of how two random Celtics fans became busom buddies with Kendrick Perkins. Odd.

4) A counterintuitive discourse on password security.

5) Dueling pricing algorithms drive fly genetics book price through roof on Amazon.

6) A thought experiment on running supermarkets like we run public education.

7) Applying the economic way of thinking to analyze the Imperial strategy embodied in the Death Star.

8) This story makes California labor law sound even more screwed up than I thought it was.

9) A brilliant set of GIFs. Seriously, you need to see these.


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