Tuesday, November 02, 2010

History Education

On a sort of related note to that last post, A Call to Wings has a truly glorious rant about the state of history education (which I can very much relate to). Here are a few choice bits, but you really should go read it all:
Will you kindly explain to me why I had to go look up what "crossing the Rubicon" meant on my own, and it was well over a decade after I gained the franchise before I even knew why that might be significant to my vote? Or maybe why I was over thirty before I even heard of the Grachhi, despite a so-called liberal arts education? Why Cincinattus and Cromwell were dusty names without meaning?

No. Wait. Perhaps a better question is why in hell are there youTube videos explaining what a republic even is that are aimed at American adults?


No... I'm pissed at my educators. There have been a few good ones here and there, especially in the classroom itself. But the ones designing the curriculum? The ones who said "okay, you're eighteen and breathing, go out and Make a Difference."


Good God - I feel like you handed me a bottle of 'shine and the car keys and said have fun.


And Mr. and Mrs. School Administrator?
Yeah, you with the curriculum sheet? You know that quote you were always telling me, about the German guy saying "no... the American Hitler will look like John Wayne?"

I'd just like you to know, when that guy shows up? Yeah. He's there because you didn't do your damn job, and thought "Civics" was the dummy class to be squeezed in between gym and the pep rally - to say nothing of you undergrad profs spending more time apologizing for Western Civ to us than actually explaining it.
Like I said, a glorious rant. (With an equally awesome subject line reference.)


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