Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Airlines

Some thoughts I left in the comments here:
Dear Airlines:

You may have noticed I've been avoiding you lately. True, we didn't see each other all that often to start with, but ever since that TSA you hang out with started getting paranoid over smelly sneakers and bottled water, I've found your attitude more than just a little bit degrading. Now that I hear that TSA is forcing anyone who wants to travel with you to be either (a) frisked or (b) seen naked, you'll be seeing even less of me. Or, well, at least seeing me less often.

Sure, I'll still need to fly occasionally. Traveling between Indiana and California just isn't practical without your help. But do you really think I'll put up with that crap just to shave three hours off my travel time? My dignity is worth more than that. For any travel that can be driven in less than twelve hours, we're through. I'd already had that set at nine hours due to your inability to get planes to their destinations on time, the extreme discomfort of your tiny seat space, and the general annoyance of being treated like sentient cattle. But was it really necessary to let that TSA jerk compound the problem?

So yeah. Visiting those friends on the east coast? Driving. Seeing my family in Minnesota? Driving. I just don't need you that badly.

But Airlines, let me know if you ever decide to ditch that TSA punk whose been forcing this on you and your friends, let me know. Traveling with you isn't all that pleasant without that TSA crap, but it is fast and convenient relative to the alternatives. But like I said before, retaining a little dignity is worth the inconvenience. Traveling with you is just not worth being treated like this.


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