Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Another reason to love football

Ha! I love TMQ:
Note: During the preseason, TMQ uses "vanilla" items designed to confuse scouts from other sports columns. Beginning next week, I will come at readers from all directions with multiple-adjective sets and unorthodox grammatical structures.
Also, The Onion has published today their hysterical team-by-team preview for the NFL. Highlights:
St. Louis Rams:
Weakness: Battle for the quarterback position seems to be heating up, as neither starter A.J. Feely nor first overall draft pick Sam Bradford wants to be blamed for the upcoming 2-14 season

San Francisco 49ers
Player To Watch: Veteran Brian Westbrook is always a threat to explode into a cloud of ligaments and bone

Minnesota Vikings
Biggest Question: The Vikings still have many unanswered questions in the secondary, such as "What's a cornerback?" and "Who was supposed to cover that guy?"

Houston Texans
Intangibles: None, as the Texans continue to be a manifestly corporeal team
It's only slightly marred by being preemptively obsolete as Leinart was cut by the Cards and signed by the Texans over the weekend, but makes an appearance in their Cardinals preview.


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