Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Link Roundup for 8/4/2010

Clearing many random browser tabs for your enjoyment:

1) Ouch... How not to use a table saw: a tale told through a series of stock photos...

2) Tickling my Roman history itch, archaeologists appear to have discovered the biggest canal ever built by Rome (which appears to make their massive grain imports make a lot more logistic sense).

3) Cool/creepy photocomposites of sites with their WWII selves. It's an odd juxtaposition of modern civilian and older military that's a bit shocking for someone my age, who has never known that kind of all-encompassing war.

4) An amusing article on the phenomenon of Euro-style board games in the Financial Times (it's a couple weeks old, so sue me). I was amused to note I own all three of the pictured games, until I realized that they're the three most popular Eurogames of the last 15 years.

5) Amusing. Adorable. Clearly the product of a mother with too much time on her hands.

6) Add this to my list of reasons even constitutional monarchy is (or can be) a really stupid system.


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