Friday, July 16, 2010

You know you're a geek when... get the urge to pedantically correct the accuracy of the arms and armor of a Roman-military themed playmobil display.

Well, come on! The legionaries were all carrying sub-rectangular scuta, placing it in the early- to mid- imperial period (~ AD 0 to 300). Most of them were wearing the appropriate Gallic-style helms (well, minus cheek-guards), but a few were running about in what were clearly spangenhelms, which were never western Roman issue, and weren't even that popular outside central Asia until after the fall of the Empire. And then they had chariots in there? They were obsolete as anything other than a spectator sport by the time Rome was more than mud huts! And then, to top it off, one of the cavalry had a scutum strapped to his horse, which is just silly, as they were solely used by the Roman heavy infantry (a semi-cylinder that large would be impossible to use while mounted).

Normally I wouldn't be that irritated by this, but the photos I saw of this were apparently from a set used in a Roman ruins museum. So they should know better!

And yes, I do realize I'm silly to be irked by this at all, much less displaying it on the net for all to see. So sue me.


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