Wednesday, February 03, 2010

About that Book of Concord e-book...

So, I told y'all about how I created an e-book from a public domain version of The Book of Concord. Well, it's now officially for sale through Amazon here, for the minimum allowed price of $0.99. Any money I make off of it will be plowed back into Lutheran ministry in some form (my home congregation, the Lutheran Deaconess Association, Valparaiso University chapel, missionaries, etc). Amazon, clearly, does whatever they want with their cut; I'm just trying to make sure that the text is available to as many people as possible, and since Amazon dominates the e-reader market, it makes sense to put it up on their site - that's where people will look for it.

If you want a copy of the publication version of the e-book, leave a comment requesting it and I'll send you one. It's got cleaner formatting and a better table of contents than the last version I put up. (I'm pretty sure the terms of the contract with Amazon preclude me from actually hosting this online somewhere for free, but they can't stop me from giving away my e-books as "gifts" to specific people.)

UPDATE: As a clarification, since this is published to the internet at large, the offer of the free e-book version is only open to people I actually know. I say this only to protect myself from an unlikely, but possible, deluge of free-stuff-seeking visitors clogging things up.


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