Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not Just a Geek - A Lutheran Geek!

For reasons that shall remain mysterious to the internet, I was reading The Augsburg Confession today. While doing so, it occurred to me that it would be really handy for me to have an e-book version of The Book of Concord. As I have a Kindle, I checked the Amazon Kindle store. For reasons known only to Augsburg Fortress Publishers, there exists a Kindle Edition of Sources and Contexts of The Book of Concord, but not the book itself.

I then decided to use my google-fu to try to track down a public-domain text document version of it. After all, the texts are all over 400 years old, so there must be a translation into English that's public domain by now, right? Project Gutenberg? Project Wittenberg? (Heh. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!) Anybody? Bueller? No dice. Unfortunately, nobody wants to provide an e-book or a text document. Only online html or a crappily formatted .PDF. Am I deterred? No sirree! I had a somewhat open afternoon, and decided that, gosh darnit, if an e-book version didn't exist, I was going to create one.

Long story short, has a public domain (html) edition online, published in 1917 as a celebration of the quadricentenary of the Reformation. I proceeded to strip the entirety of The Book of Concord, page by page, into a text file, downloaded MobiPocket Creator, created suitable tags to generate a Table of Contents, and built the missing e-book.

Lutheranism, welcome to the 21st century.

All it's missing is a cover image. If you want a copy of either the text file or the .PRC file (MobiPocket - for my Kindle), let me know.


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