Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Link Dump

Some links to things around the web that amused, baffled, or otherwise made me look twice.

1) Dan Drezner wonders "what if author bios [for pundits and academics] were brutally honest?" He provides a few examples.

2) Ukranian Amazons? WTF!?!?

3) A Chinese guy who paints himself into scenery. Odd, but cool. The last photo is particularly freaky.

4) A blog that proves that the customer is Not Always Right. Having worked retail through high school, I can say that I find these stories scarily plausible. In particular, I was amused by this, this, and especially this one (I worked in a pharmacy).

5) CEO chews out lazy employees, who either (a) get right back to work, or (b) call the cops to arrest the CEO. Which do you think?

6) Texas Stadium scoreboard fail.

7) And something adorable for you.


8) I almost forgot - from the idiots behind Conservapedia, I bring you The Conservative Bible Project. Sometimes reality is truly beyond satire. (For the record, I think this is a monumentally stupid undertaking.)


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