Friday, September 04, 2009

Funniest Thing I've Read All Day

Via TJIC a comment:
Libertarian fascism is a belief-system whose time has come. Finally I have found my ideological home.

Herewith our inspiring slogans, for which we will fight to death on the barricades, provided of course we have secured a barricade easement from the company that owns the road:

Everything in or out of the State, mostly the latter!
Nothing outside the State, except civil society, the economy, culture, religion, commerce, morals, and manufactures!

One Nation, One Leader, One Law! OK, maybe two laws, but that's all. Three laws tops. This is a minarchy, people.

Who ist der John Galt?

The Will of the People Must Triumph! Provided Mr. People's will is properly witnessed and was not coerced.

Voluntary Association Now!
I almost fell out of my chair laughing!


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