Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Link Dump

1) I'm simultaneously surprised and unsurprised that this exists: Buy a Chainmail Bikini!?!?

2) This is a bit whiny, but seems to describe pretty accurately what it feels like to be a libertarian in modern America, though in my case it's only been for the last few years.

3) World's Rarest Insect Has Tiny Home

4) Disappointing, but not surprising. Another situation in which the "War on Drugs" is doing more harm than good.

5) I'm beginning to wonder if our criminal justice system could find its own metaphorical rear end without a map and a flashlight: Parole Agency Still Seeking Man who Died in '08.

6) On a similar note, police need more training on dealing with dogs, so they have more options than "shoot it once" or "shoot it several times" when dogs do unexpected things. Radley Balko has a puppycide roundup including (a) an office shooting a five pound chihuahua and (b) cops shooting and killing a properly tethered dog because it was fighting with their unleashed police dog.

7) I think the meter maids responsible for this need a lecture or two on their observational skills:
A man's decomposing body inside a minivan covered in parking tickets went undiscovered for weeks because the vehicle's windows were apparently tinted and ticketing officers don't normally search cars, police said Friday.
8) Agreed:


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