Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amusing Blogs

Here are some amusing sites I ran across this summer:

5) The Comics Curmudgeon - Watch as he deconstructs the funnies to make them more amusing (or creepy) than their authors intended! This is one of the best recent posts.

4) Awesomely Bad Lyrics - Behold, as the author tries desperately to understand what the singers are trying to communicate!

3) Passive Agressive Notes - Marvel, as people you've never met post the most passive-agressive notes you've ever seen (with some detours to just plain funny notes and signs).

2) There, I Fixed It - Pay homage to the art of the kludge. These two here and here are pretty good.

1) Dr. Grumpy in the House - The mind boggles at the idiocy and hilarity he sees on a daily basis. This is why I could never be a doctor - the stuff he posts on his blog sarcastically is probably what I'd end up saying to the people involved. I have, however, learned that what I really need is a prescription for Sarcasma.


At 8/24/2011 4:36 PM, Blogger SPAPOB said...

Truly a golden collection. We submitted a picture to ThereIFixedIt once...a local business had nailed a wooden board on top of a crack in their plastic front it? We're still not sure. XD


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