Friday, June 26, 2009

Wow... That's quite a list....

Coyote summarizes his interactions with famous people:
Ms. Fawcett was a member of my personal klutz-to-the-stars club. I once got an ink spot on her white blouse awkwardly trying to get an autograph (back when I used to value such things). I have also stepped on Raul Julia’s foot at the academy awards, slammed a door open into Martina Navratalova’s face at a hotel in Houston, thrown up in Neal Armstrong’s bed at a ranch in Wyoming, and spilled a large fountain drink on Brooke Shields at Princeton.
To which someone purporting to be his sister appends in the comments:
You also knocked John Denver on his ass in the private aviation wing of the Denver airport in the ’70s. You weren’t paying attention and stuck your legs out right when he was walking by, thus giving him quite the opposite of a Rocky Mountain High.
Also, here:

Some years ago (maybe 8-10) my wife and I were driving through Malibu on vacation, when we stopped at a little coffee shop for breakfast. After we were done eating, my wife went to the bathroom while I sat outside on a bench to wait for her. Sitting there was another husband who was clearly also waiting for his wife to come out. We chatted for about 5 minutes, with this British gent telling me he had just gotten back from London on business.

Well, my wife came out and I met her at the car. The first thing she said to me was "Oh my god, you were talking to Pierce Brosnan." I said "??" Sure enough, on reflection, it did seem to be he, particularly since my wife also recognized his wife from People magazine. In my defense, one does not expect to encounter James Bond in a psuedo-Denny’s wearing sweats and a week-old beard. But since then, I have not really trusted by celebrity-identification skills.

HA! As I said, quite a list.


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