Sunday, March 01, 2009

Two Links: Police Abuse of Power Edition

Here are a pair of stories likely to make you a little less trusting of the boys in blue.

1) A Rickety, Wooden Story

Deputies Jeremy Freeman and Trevor Vander Veen should be in hot water. Their actions in tasering, arresting, and charging Brian Wiederspohn with assault have gotten their employer, the Whatcom County, Washington Sheriff’s Department, socked with a $500,000 judgment for false arrest and malicious prosecution. But that’s no skin off the deputies’ noses. The judgment will be satisfied by taxpayers, and neither deputy has been charged with a crime, lost his job, or even been disciplined.

Despite attempting to frame an innocent man.

Despite tasering an an innocent man.

And despite lying about their actions in court.

2) Chicago cops seem out to get this poor dude:
Over the last 16 months, Mark Geinosky has received 24 parking tickets.

All but one have been dismissed. You can bet that one will be thrown out, too, when he goes to administrative court next week.

For reasons Geinosky can't explain, he believes Chicago police officers have targeted him with the barrage of citations—sometimes issuing four tickets at a time for such things as parking too close to a fire hydrant, obstructing the roadway or leaving his vehicle in a crosswalk.

Even after the Orland Park man traded in his Toyota Highlander in September, the tickets continued to roll in, issued to the old plate number—even though he took the plates off the vehicle and stashed them in his garage. Someone, he said, is out to get him. And he wants to know why.


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