Friday, March 27, 2009

Link Roundup

Here are some links to posts on topics that have interested me over the last week or two:

1) The Obama administration asserts that the fact that the law is ambiguous is a valid legal defense - if you're a government employee:
... I will observe that the Obama administration’s position in the last sentence is NOT the one it takes with my business any time or any place. Qualified immunity because the law was unclear? Hell, most of the regulations we deal with are wildly unclear — everything from anti-trust law, which is anything a jury says it is, to how many sinks I need in my store. No one has ever suggested that I have qualified immunity because the law is unclear. In fact, the government makes very clear that I am absolutely liable for whatever they think the law says, even if this opinion changes from day to day.
2) And I thought I hated airline security crap. This really takes the cake. Ladies and gentlemen, the TSA!

3) NOT OKAY. An asterisk cannot legitimately be used to flatly contradict the statement to which it's appended.

4) I agree pretty much entirely with this mini-manifesto.

5) "And in what twisted world do you protect children from making bad decisions by arresting them and charging them with child pornography? ... You aren’t protecting these kids by arresting them and threatening them. You’re damaging them."

6) Truth in advertising! I certainly hope these claims aren't true, however.

7) See everyday objects - from the inside out!

8) By all means, put them in charge of healthcare, too. What's the worst that could happen? "It turns out that the FCC just accidentally sold off the B-2 bomber’s radar frequency for radio purposes."

9) Shamus just got a new PC. It came with Vista. His take on Vista is hilarious.

10) "President Ron Burgundy." Ha!

11) Some people don't understand the concept of conditional probability. (link NSFW)


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