Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Link Roundup

1) This is just evil.

2) Clueless judge fails to comprehend internet.

3) D.C. apparently has half-busted parking meters that it won't replace because they, in the words of Radley Balko, "can't afford to stop ripping people off."

4) This cheered me up a little bit, at least. I agree: "Now if I can just get those 59% of people to remember this the next time John Q. Candidate promises to fix everything for them and then take them for a magical unicorn ride, we might start to see some progress."

5) Man wants to renovate shop. Man works in conjunction with city officials on plans to do so. Man has permits denied by said officials. Man rents storefront to sex shop, scandalizing everyone. Mmmmm... irony!


7) Ways not to propose.

8) That is quite the accomplishment.

9) This is just hilarious:


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