Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amusing Link Roundup

While I'm busy dying of the plague (OK, just suffering the effects of some not exactly deadly distant cousin) here are some things to amuse you:

  1. Hacking Road Signs!
  2. XKCD brings new meaning to the phrase "significant other" - with statistics!
  3. SB7 has some amusing political e-cards, "for when you care enough to hit send."
  4. I think he blew his cover: Pistol Whipping Pizzeria Owner Was Ex-Mobster In Witness Protection Program
  5. Preorder now! - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - "The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!"
  6. Verizon doesn't know how much its DSL service costs
  7. From IowaHawk: "Mathematicians Discover Largest Number"
    PALO ALTO, CA - An international mathematics research team announced today that they had discovered a new integer that surpasses any previously known value "by a totally mindblowing shitload." Project director Yujin Xiao of Stanford University said the theoretical number, dubbed a "stimulus," could lead to breakthroughs in fields as diverse as astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and Chicago asphalt contracting.

    "Unlike previous large numbers like the Googleplex or the Bazillionty, the Stimulus has no static numerical definition," said Xiao. "It keeps growing and growing, compounding factorially, eating up all zeros in its path. It moves freely across Cartesian dimensions and has the power to make any other number irrational."
  8. A Borders Books in Dallas has an employee with a sharp sense of humor.


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