Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush Says "Screw Congress, You're Eating This Crap Sandwich Anyway"

Bah Humbug. Color me disgusted on this one:
Bush Approves $17.4 Billion in Auto Aid, With Conditions
Why the hell did we have congress spend weeks agonizing over it if the President had the power and inclination to do it anyway? This is disturbingly like the EU's continued attempts to get its constitution passed by having repeated referenda (or not allowing them at all in countries opposed to it) until the answer is yes, at which point they say it's settled.

Anyway, I am totally pissed off about this, first that it's happening at all,
and second that Bush is circumventing congress by stretching the $700B financial sector bailout beyond its breaking point to do it.

In related news, McMegan has a great piece on how the current Detroit situation developed from the last few decades that is really quite thought-provoking.


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