Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eccentric and Fun!

SB7 amusingly arguing with Obama:
I don't want to debate climate science. It's boring, there are too many people hissing about such things on the internet for me to be able to contribute much, and said hissing almost always misses the point. But I will debate geometry and geography. That's eccentric and fun.
Sea levels are rising. Coastlines are shrinking.
Assuming arguendo sea levels are rising at measurable amounts, what relation does that have to coastlines shrinking? I contend there is none. We would have to have complex knowledge of the topography of land within some delta of the sea level to conclude whether the elevation isopleth at sea level is longer or shorter than the isopleth at sea level + 1cm, the sea level + 2cm, etc. Perhaps if you assume that all isopleths have the same fractal dimensionality then you can infer that high sea levels are congruent with shrinking coastlines, but this seems like a big assumption to me.


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