Thursday, August 07, 2008

NYPD bullys bikers for no apparent reason, lies about it

Not that I have any particular affection for whatever these bike-riding protesters were advocating (to be honest I have no idea what they're protesting), but this video is a display of unethical cops (a) using excessive force and (b) lying like rugs on police reports. The actions of these police officers earned a riot, and they are damn lucky they didn't get one.

Excessive force:
  • man bodily thrown off his bike by police officer (seriously)
  • woman wrestled to the ground and (illegally!) arrested
  • guy with camera-bike dragged 30 feet while exclaiming "you're hurting me"
The video also shows several lies on the police reports of the incident which are clearly shown to be false by video of the incident, such as one man supposedly interfering with an arrest which occurred after he himself was already arrested and in custody, multiple people being told that they were not allowed to take pictures at all (when the report states they were merely told to back away), people being arrested while complying with police orders to leave (supposedly for not doing so), and many others. This is totally outrageous. What really takes the cake for me was the woman being arrested merely for taking pictures of the other arrests and refusing to show ID (all of which is within her rights). When she attempted to walk away, she was wrestled to the ground by six(!) police officers and was charged with several crimes.

And that, my friends, is why I will never allow a police officer in my home without a damn good reason or a warrant, and why I will comply only with the minimum necessary of their requests. Most are not lying scuzzbags, but unless you can tape your interactions with them (which they illegally and forcibly discourage), their word is accepted as truth as to what happened. I'll keep my interactions with them civil, but short. I know my rights, and they don't get to violate them just because they have shiny badges, spiffy uniforms, and lethal weapons.


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