Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Over at Marginal Revolution, there are two things worth drawing attention to.

First, this:
Over here in the Netherlands, court proceedings are starting this week on the "biggest speculation fraud ever in the Netherlands", according to a national newspaper that ran a big story about it today. Investors have lost tens of millions of euros in what turned out to be a big pyramid scheme.

Now for the ultimate irony. Any idea what these people were investing in? Tulip bulbs. Really.
Yes, it's funny. Really.

Second, it would seem that Adam Smith's old house is up for sale:

The house where Adam Smith lived for many years with his mother and which more recently was used as a home for troubled youth has been put up for sale by the Edinburgh Council for £700,000. Sir Alan Peacock says "It's a disgrace that the council has agreed to dispose of a building as significant as this. It should be saved for the nation."

I think it would be a disgrace if the house went to anyone but the highest bidder.

To which I can only respond: hear, hear!


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