Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hilarious! Over at The Bellows, commentary on why exactly the NY Times published this sentence:

In addition, house prices there have been stable compared with other areas, Ms. Sigalla said, adding, “We have lots of available land and fewer regulations, so we have a homebuilding boom sufficient to keep home prices at bay.”

Let’s diagram this sentence. First, circle the parts that are hilarious. Second, underline the portions that are nonsense. Third, draw a square around the parts that while true, should cause a real economist to explain that perhaps the party might not go on forever (see also: Phoenix). Fourth, draw squiggles indicating concern that this person is a part of the policy-making process. Finally, make stabbing motions at the paper, indicating that this piece of information, deemed important by Times editors, likely made the average reader substantially dumber.


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