Sunday, February 24, 2008

I just discovered another reason to love the fiction of John C. Wright. I'm reading some of his fantasy, which is truly excellent. This man has a mind like flypaper - every myth he's ever heard must have stuck there - and so his fantasy is so full of references and allusions that nobody but him can fully unpack them. Anyway, new reason to love his work: he's made The Shadow into an honest-to-God character in The Mists of Everness. Similarities? He's described as "a black shadow... [with a] long, black cape, black hat, face hidden in scarf. But... his eyes stab through things like knives." He first appears bearing a colt .45 automatic, doing detective work. And yes, the character too has the "ability to cloud men's minds," in a way.

All I have to say is: his writing is made of awesome - read it.

(Okay, really the character is jst copying The Shadow. But we don't find that out until later - and it's still awesome).


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