Sunday, January 13, 2008

This guy is my new hero of the day. He's been hauled in front of the Canadian HRC (claiming it is what the acronym actually stands for is to make a mockery of human rights, so I'll just give the acronym) for printing the Mohammad cartoons in Canada in 2006. During his interrogation with a government flunky, he proceeds to essentially tell them where to stick their inquiry into repressing his speech. It made my heart go all warm and fuzzy for a moment, particularly his response to the question "What was your intent... with the article":

He explicitly denies that the government can have any legitimate interest in this, which is precisely the right approach to take. To give a straight answer to the question is to concede its legitimacy, which is precisely what we should be denying. His answer: "The only thing I have to say to the government about why I published it is because it's my bloody right to do so. It's my right to do so for unreasonable intentions, and it's my right to do so for extremely unreasonable purposes."

Well done, sir.


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