Tuesday, January 01, 2008

From the hilarious truer-than-reality files:
Sept. 12: After the New York Jets report him for violating the league mandate against taping defensive signals, New England coach Bill Belichick says that he's put the entire episode behind him and is focused on the Patriots' next game when he will demonstrate the firepower of his fully armed and operational battle station on the planet of Endor.

Oct. 21: Despite a six-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter against Washington, Bill Belichick keeps his starters in the game, then cripples coach Joe Gibbs with force lightning and seals him in carbonite for transport back to Tatooine.

Nov. 18: In a battle of unbeatens, the Colts blow a 10-point fourth quarter lead and lose to the Patriots when Belichick's deflector shield, sadly, proves to be quite operational.

And the sad (to me):
Aug. 1: Minnesota trades Kevin Garnett, Randy Moss, Johan Santana, Adrian Peterson, Marian Gaborik, Tom Lehman, Garrison Keillor, the Coen brothers, Al Franken, Mary Tyler Moore, Charlie Brown, Betty Crocker, Paul Bunyan and the Pillsbury Doughboy to Boston.


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