Sunday, January 13, 2008

As is my wont, I've been watching a lot of playoff football this weekend. This prompts two thoughts from me:

1) You'd think that by now the major sports networks would have learned never to zoom in on a player's/coach's face following a controversial play. I just saw a great shot of Giants coach Tom Coughlin screaming "He grabbed his f***ing facemask!" at the officials. There was no sound, but anyone with two eyes and three brain cells could read his lips.

2) San Diego has suddenly become one of the grittiest teams in football. They just won the best game of the playoffs thus far, beating Indianapolis despite missing their starting running back (who happens to hold the rushing title) for most of the game, and their starting quarterback for most of the second half. I'm still a bit stunned, particularly following their weak performances against the Titans.


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