Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Via Overlawyered, "N.M. Legislators: Bar Owners Need ESP":

Under the terms of a bill proposed in the New Mexico legislature, if a "drinker is caught with a blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeding 0.14, the bar owner will be deemed legally responsible and may lose his license" if the bar had served the drinker within the previous two hours. According to Nobody's Business, this implies that bar owners in New Mexico who don't want to break the law may be well advised to develop "paranormal gifts. ...they must know if a customer who leaves their establishment intends to drink more over the next two hours -- perhaps at a friend's home." (Jul. 10; "Proposed liquor law changes draw comments", AP/Los Alamos Monitor, Jul. 6).

Another law making a run at severing any connection between actual responsibility and legal responsibility... Just what we needed...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Waitress checks customer's ID, discovers self:

A bar waitress checking to see if a customer was legally old enough to
drink looked down to see a familiar photo.

It was her own.