Sunday, April 02, 2006

Irony, thy name is...

To quote Charles Johnson, irony, thy name is Borders. Found at PlusUltra (who is banned in Pakistan, by the way):

Yesterday I noticed this two-part ad for the Wordstock book convention in Portland, Oregon in the local Portland Mercury newspaper. It is sponsored by several companies, including Borders. The first panel contains a caption that reads “never met a banned author I didn’t like.”

The second panel makes it clear that the event and the ad are sponsored by Borders Books.

This is ironic, of course, because Borders Books has recently refused, along with Waldenbooks, to stock the latest issue of New Inquiry Magazine, featuring the controversial Mohammed cartoons. Yet here there are, advertising their company in conjuction with a message in favor of reading banned books.

Thay've never met a banned book they didn't like... unless they're the ones who banned it, of course. Or maybe they have a magazine exception? Either way, intesely hypocritical. I think Barnes and Noble is looking better and better for my book buying needs...


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