Saturday, April 22, 2006

Good point about V for Vendetta:

While there are some obvious parallels between the fascist state in the movie and the current US administration, I found the movie’s vision reassuring, rather than scary. Not because of the violent revolt it espouses, but because we live in a country and culture where you can make that sort of movie without being hassled. This is a pretty awesome thing, if you stop and think about it, and relatively unusual in world history. We’re talking about a country whose populace buys sixty-seven million dollars in tickets to hear a philosophical screed on the glory of radical violent revolution - and its government doesn’t mind.

Contrast this with the islamofascists, who are rioting all over the world in response to a few goddamned cartoons. Now that’s scary.

Let’s hear it for western tolerance!

Like I said, good point. When you think about it, while the movie may seem to claim that we're moving toward some sort of fascist state, the very fact that someone can make such a movie proves it wrong. Pretty cool, huh?


At 4/22/2006 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


this is precisely the problem with V for Vendetta, at least according to some readings. By providing us with an image of the glorious revolution, the movie actually helps to keep people in their media-mandated slumber (Farenheit 451) by letting them participate vicariously in the condmenation and destruction of a government that is clearly not ours and is clearly worse than ours claims to be. Might not this freedom to watch this movie be a way for some force to control people? and if so, is that not problematic?



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