Monday, December 05, 2005

Amusement about propaganda

In response to a serious discussion critical of the morals and merits of propaganda in Iraq, this commenter (12/1 7:04 PM) certainly has an opinion:

Good God! We're talking about propaganda, right?!? Not carpet-bombing, or summary executions, or napalm, chemical and biological weapons, concentration camps, forced marches, slave labor...??? Propaganda!! PROPAGANDA!!!! Are you people insane? Tell me one war where both sides didn't use propaganda as much as possible. No, no, NOOOO! We don't want to win using PROPAGANDA! We'd much prefer having to kill thousands more than to win anyone over with PROPAGANDA! The funniest thing is the guy supporting propaganda by saying we want a level playing-field. WRONG!! I want the playing-field tilted as far as possible in my favor. Period. If propaganda gives me an advantage, then give me as much as you've got. But, no, no, no. We don't want to sully our names with THAT!! What will people think of us?? No. Let's stick to bullets and bombs. At least that way we can keep our dignity.


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