Sunday, October 09, 2005

The UN wants to take over the internet

Great. Just what we need. A bunch of micromanaging bureaucrats who want to get their hands on the net. What exactly do they need it for? If they want to control a network so bad they should build their own "root servers" and come up with another form of networking. They admit that it was designed, funded, and built by America, but they want to take it over anyway. That seems just a bit unfair. This is not a "global resource, it is mostly privately owned and operated. Besides, as one Instapundit reader put it:

It's like I posted to Slashdot: why would the EU and the UN want to grab control, when that control right now is only being used for laissez faire? Because they want to /stop/ the laissez faire!

China wants to take down Tibetan and Falun Gong sites. Germany wants to ban neonazis from the internet. The arab nations would want to kick off Israel until it "fulfils its international obligations". Etc etc. This is nothing less than an attempt to stuff the information genie back into its bottle.

At all costs, they must be prevented from claiming the spurious moral high ground! Confront them with the question: what would you change? And, why not go through process at ICANN? What would you want to do,
that they would refuse? And why?


Concurring opinions from Roger L. Simon and the WSJ:

We favor the nonregulatory approach. But where laissez-faire is not an option, the second-best solution is that the legal standards governing Web content should be those of the "country of origin." Ideally, governments should assert authority only over citizens physically within its geographic borders. This would protect sovereignty and the principle of "consent of the governed" online. It would also give companies and consumers a "release valve" or escape mechanism to avoid jurisdictions that stifle online commerce or expression.

The Internet helps overcome artificial restrictions on trade and communications formerly imposed by oppressive or meddlesome governments. Allowing these governments to reassert control through a U.N. backdoor would be a disaster.


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