Thursday, October 20, 2005

Political Censorship at DePaul

A blog has been started about the recent suppression of political dissent at DePaul University. For those of you who haven't heard the story:

For those of you reading that are new to this story, this post is meant to provide some background information regarding DePaul University’s strange relationship with Ward Churchill.

Ward was invited to speak at the university on the topic of Human Rights. There are very many people out there that find this disgusting and offensive. Here is one of his famous quotes about the victims of 9/11:

They were targeting those people I referred to as ‘little Eichmanns.’ These were legitimate targets.

-Ward Churchill

And here is another:

“[I want the] U.S. off the planet. Out of existence altogether.”

-Ward Churchill

Here is how DePaul University describes him:

A dynamic and prolific speaker with politically unique views

Most people might be shocked to learn that this is not the first time that DePaul University has invited Ward Churchill to speak. More on that soon.

A group of DePaul students objected to having Ward Churchill lecture at DePaul University, let alone on the topic of human rights. When they tried to voice their complaints, the University stonewalled them, refusing to answer basic questions, for example, how much Ward Churchill is being paid to appear. More on that soon.

These DePaul students have experienced abuse and hostility from more than one university department for doing nothing more than trying to make their fellow students aware of some of the basic facts and quotes attributable to Ward Churchill. More on that soon.

These DePaul students have tried to engage in dialogue and take part in the events originally open to all student organizations. When DePaul administrators learned that there would be dissenters at the event, they changed the rules to exclude the undesirable students.

The restrictions for attending Ward Churchill's Human Rights discussion were changed after their original publication once the university learned that dissenters were planning on attending. All recording of the event has been banned. The woman who invited the speaker refuses to give the reason for the invitation. Does this sound sketchy to anyone else? I hope the DePaul administration chokes on the bad PR this will bring them, and I hope they will be less likely to exclude dissenters from participation in the future.


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