Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Waking Giant

Max Boot takes a look at what could be our opponent in a new Cold War: China. And with China’s Gen. Zhu doing some serious saber rattling, this is not something we can afford to ignore. Particularly worrisome is that many Chinese have come to acknowledge that America cannot be defeated on its own terms, and they’re trying to work around that. For example:

[Unrestricted Warfare's authors] different approaches include financial warfare (subverting banking systems and stock markets), drug warfare (attacking the fabric of society by flooding it with illicit drugs), psychological and media warfare (manipulating perceptions to break down enemy will), international law warfare (blocking enemy actions using multinational organizations), resource warfare (seizing control of vital natural resources), even ecological warfare (creating man-made earthquakes or other natural disasters).

Cols. Qiao and Wang write approvingly of Al Qaeda, Colombian drug lords and computer hackers who operate outside the "bandwidths understood by the American military." They envision a scenario in which a "network attack against the enemy" — clearly a red, white and blue enemy — would be carried out "so that the civilian electricity network, traffic dispatching network, financial transaction network, telephone communications network and mass media network are completely paralyzed," leading to "social panic, street riots and a political crisis." Only then would conventional military force be deployed "until the enemy is forced to sign a dishonorable peace treaty."

Puts the Chinese bid for Unocal in a whole different perspective…

(Hat tip: Instapundit)


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