Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Political Satire...

... is possibly the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. In order to share with you the endless laughs I've found, I direct you to the following sites:

Simultaneously mocking both Wal-Mart and Che Guevara (but mostly Che). Particularly amusing is the Che T-shirt marketing technique:

Che has marketed his brand name brilliantly over the years, selling to specific niche in the market: young people who have no clue what Che has done or what he stands for. The cash keeps flowing as most college dorms world-wide are being adorned with his face, and more and more middle class sons and daughters wear Che products in order to, among other things, wash away the guilt of their well-heeled upbringing.

Dedicated to the communist-egalitarian principle that competition is barbaric and the only truly progressive society in which "Everyone will be a loser, which in our book means an ethical team player."

Of special note is the People's Cube Manual and the little "On Star" button at the top which has the O as a hammer and sickle.

Next to the button is the sentence, "Press this button if you believe that your neighbors, family, co-workers, or yourself are guilty of thought crimes." Where does is take you? Four letters: A-C-L-U.

Lately it's become just another political blog, but in the beginning, it was a satire of the Islamic Fundamentalist mind posted from the perspective of Allah (yes, that Allah). Possibly the best part in the whole blog:

Allah checks his stats often and is amused to find that booze-swilling infidel Steven Green has dropped a sweet link on him. Tell me, infidel, do you think this will atone for calling your blog "VodkaPundit"? You should know that Allah forbids the consumption of alcohol by his children except for Saudi royals on vacation in the south of France. Allah also wants to know what the deal is with that photo on your homepage: Are you trying to get Allah to switch sides, with your Semitic good looks and come-hither stare? Because while Allah is flattered, and is not embarrassed to admit that if he were gay you might make a nice pony boy until you were beheaded, the fact is Allah doesn't "read the Daily Dish" if you know what Allah means.

No wait... most of the old stuff's that funny... not PC at all, but funny. Start at the back of his archives and work your way forward until it stops being hilarious.


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