Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has been chosen as the next pontiff. And, as Confederate Yankee points out, those liberals who manage to give all liberals a really bad name have already started to offend me, and I'm not even Catholic (editorial comments below are quotes from Confederate Yankee):

Wrote a document in 2000 that denounced other faiths... Great. Just what we need. Warns of the "EVILS" of liberalism. Rigid, intolerant...it just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? The only plus here is that he is 78! Ed: You've got to love DU. Not pope for a day, and they already can't wait for Pope Benedict XVI to die.

Yeah, we got the John Ashcroft of new popes. Ed: Among liberals, being compared to John Ashcroft, a respectful, God-fearing man, is an insult of the highest magnitude.

He is the Grand Inquisitor...No fooling. He heads the Office for Enforcement of the Doctrine of the Faithful, which is the direct successor office to the centuries-old Grand Inquisition. He is therefore the leading hardliner, enforcer and book-censor of the Church, and was JP2's right-hand man...

He used to be a hitler youth.. and practically endorsed GW in his statements on "catholic voting" during our elections... Ed: Hitler Youth = GW Bush support. Why didn't I get that?

Oh goody. Another neocon in power... Ed: Yep, Karl Rove rigged this election, too...

This is BS. Maybe we'll get lucky he will "die in his sleep" like our 33 day "Progressive Pope" John Paul 1st, did.

It's a sad day when the best aspect of a new pope is that he's likely to die soon.

This is very sad news, indeed, for the Catholic church. Once again, the forces of evil triumph...

Hopefully, they'll all die off soon. Ed: Who, Catholics?

Look on the bright side... this ensures that Bush** is not the most fascist leader in the known universe. Berlusconi (out-and-out fascist Fini in cabinet) might have had the edge, but this makes it official.

Whatever else may have been going on in there, I'm reasonably sure that God was not speaking to them, saying "Hey, guys, why not shake things up a little bit? Go for the Nazi!"

And the "Nurse, we need to up his meds" award goes to goclark for:

I knew he would be named. The rest of the names were just ROVE tricks to throw off everyone. He was placed there by the likes of BushCO. It sends a STRONG signal to the non white people of the world that "WHITE POWER" is the name of the game.

It was also a strong signal for WHITES to return to the church and be welcomed with open arms. They don't care about the Hispanics and Africans that are devoting themselves to the church.

It is a sad day for the world in my opinion.

Sad perhaps, but not for the reason you think...

(For more on Pope Benedict XVI, see Professor Bainbridge)


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