Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bolton for UN Ambassador

Those of you who know what I think of the UN should know that I consider Bolton to be a pretty good candidate for the post. Unfortunately, the Democratic party seems to disagree, probably based on the large amount of contempt Bolton has for the organization that has "Child sex rings run from U.N. peacekeeping operations, Sudan sitting on the Human Rights Commission while it licenses mass murder in Darfur, and Kofi Annan's son doing a $30,000-a-year job but somehow having a spare quarter-million dollars to invest in a Swiss soccer club."

Mark Steyn displays just how ludicrous much of the opposition to Bolton's appointment is in a recent editorial. Money quote, beginning with an interview quote:

Q: Could you characterize your meeting with Bolton? Was he calm?

Fingar: No, he was angry. He was standing up.

Q: Did he raise his voice to you? Did he point his finger in your face?

Fingar: I don't remember if he pointed. John speaks in such a low voice normally. Was it louder than normal? Probably. I wouldn't characterize it as screaming at me or anything like that. It was more, hands on hips, the body language as I recall it, I knew he was mad.

He was ''standing up'' with ''hands on hips''! Who's he think he is -- Carmen Miranda? Fortunately, before Bolton could let rip with a ''pursed lip'' or escalate to the lethal ''tsk-ing'' maneuver, Fingar was able to back cautiously out of the room and call the FBI anger management team, who surrounded the building and told the deranged diplomat to come out slowly with his hands above his hips.


At 7/01/2005 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone is Better than Bolton! Apply today to be U.S. Ambassador to the UN

Tell the Senate to Continue to Oppose Bolton visit www.stopbolton.org today!

Most of the world now knows that John Bolton is damaged goods and could never be an effective ambassador at the UN. The Senate has not confirmed him because of his questionable handling of intelligence, ineffectiveness on critical international security issues, and disdain for international institutions and law. Yet, the White House is digging in its heels and may ignore the Senate’s concerns by giving Bolton a recess appointment.

Support the Senate in its efforts to Stop Bolton and let the White House know that anyone else would be better for the job.

All of you should apply today for the job. If you believe the Administration should work with the Senate and the United States should engage with the rest of the world to tackle terrorism, UN reform, and nuclear weapons , then you are better qualified than John Bolton! Show the Senate and the White House just how many alternatives to Bolton they have!


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