Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Retarded ME Professor...

So, I showed up to my Manufacturing Processes lab today, only to discover that all of the calculations I had been instructed to do were wrong, because my teacher is retarded. He gave us the wrong diameter for the punch, told us one variable was the diameter of the blank when it should have been the die, and also told us that we needed everything in tons when we needed pounds... All the guages in the lab read in pounds... I wish he knew what he was doing in HIS OWN FREAKING LAB!

Saying "Stop Would Be Illegal

The Swiftboat Veterans for Truth have been on the air for a while now, and basically since they began, the Democrats have been insisting that there is some sort of illegal coordination between the two. Kerry & Co. have and are continuing to call on George W. Bush to condemn these ads and to tell the SwiftVets to stop running them. Now, putting the ludicrous objection about an illegal connection aside, wouldn't telling them to stop in itself be coordination? Coordination is telling the group when or if they should air the ads. If George Bush told instructed them to cease running the ads, then that would be a blatant violation of McCain Feingold Campaign Finance Reform. So, Democrats, please, just shut up and let people have the limited amount of free speech this retarded Campaign finance law allows them. I may not agree with MoveOn.org, but I do not begrudge them the right to spout whatever they want on national television. We cannot selectively allow freedom of speech, especially when it comes to politics. Political speech is one of the main forms of speech the first amendment was written to protect. When political censorship begins, so will America's trek down the dark path toward tyranny.

War Criminal for President

Why is no one but me concerned that John Kerry is the country's first admitted war criminal to run for president? And why isn't the media verbally flogging this issue? Don't believe me? Listen here. That is the sound of Kerry admitting to committing atrocities that should have meant a court martial at the very least. And now he wants to use his 4 months of duty in Vietnam as his main qualification to be president? The only reason the Media hasn't kicked the crap out of his campaign for it is because he's a Democrat. And frankly, either Kerry is a lying about himself and his fellow soldiers on that tape, or he's lying about how his service qualifies him to be president now. In any case, it just cements my opinion of Kerry as a flipflopping political opportunist.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Moveon.org and DFL, together officially (and that's not illegal?)

So, with all the business about the mysterious and most likely nonexistant connection between the GOP and the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, one would think that the democrats would have been a bit more careful about posting this on their website... This is a picture of Senator Leahy along with DNC Chief Operating Officer Josh Wachs and Zack Exley from Moveon.org.
Moveon.org is another 527 group just like the Swiftvets, yet I hear no cry that there is illegal collaboration going on here, even though there is PHOTO EVIDENCE of them running joint programs. Sheesh... At least whine about McCain Feingold Campaign Finance reform violations from both sides if you're gonna do it.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Edwards (and many Democrats) are multitalented: They can talk and piss me off at the same time

I am getting exceedingly tired of this line from the left: "It was catastrophic to rush to war without a plan to win the peace." Edwards is just the latest Democrat to say it. Two part rant.

1) There was no "rush to war." President Bush called for UN action against Iraq in a speech in September 2002, was granted power to go to war by congress in October, and gathered a coalition of 33 other countries to do the job. The war did not start until March of 2003. That may seem a bit rushed, but many had said for years that "[Saddam] is and has acted like a terrorist." Oh, by the way, that quote is from John Kerry. Don't believe me?

Anyone considering voting for John Kerry should watch this. There is no partisan bashing, no snippy narrator, just Kerry's own interviews and television appearances.

2) This was a war. Contrary to popular liberal beliefs, you go to war with a plan to win the war; "winning the peace," whatever the heck that's supposed to mean, is secondary. The first job is to defeat the enemy, not to make friends with everybody on the way. What is "winning the peace" supposed to be, anyway? All I've heard is that is we did, everyone would love us, Iraq would be a happy, pristine place, and the world would be peachy. Please excuse me if I think that this emphasis on being universally liked over winning the war is a bit naive.

Bush tax cuts

So, it appears Bush has been getting a bad rap for his tax cuts. For all of you who whine that the cuts unfairly favor the rich, just read the chart.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Why I dislike the Minneapolis Star Tribune

So... here is another example of why I gave up on reading my local newspaper's editorial page... There's a reason it's commonly referred to as the Star and Sickle. And I'm not just referring to the way they fawned over Wellstone. In addition to taking the liberal position on most anything (which is not condemning in and of itself), they too often degenerate into simple name calling and ad hominem argument.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Here is my blog

So... I now have a blog. I was a bit hesitant to start one, but I have discovered that numerous times I have felt like ranting. This will provide me with a venue to vent. But until the time I need it, it will most likely remain fairly static. I don't know. I guess this will probably be a place for me to spout my generally right-wing views, so that I don't have to spout them at my friends, who would be a bit irked with it. Until next time!