Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's over with Kerry's concession

So… It’s finally over. As I called it (although not in my own blog) Bush won the popular vote, while barely eking out an Electoral College victory with Ohio. I must say, we the networks and the Democrats admitted Bush won far sooner than I expected. I expected two weeks of counting provisional ballots, and then litigation after that.

Senator Kerry did the right thing. He conceded once the race was out of reach, rather than risk harming our country’s unity with a long drawn out recount. I had little respect for him, but this move raised my opinion of him considerably.

Remember that pledge I took a little while ago?

Well, Bush is my President again, and I will not question his legitimacy, or tolerate those who do. Doing so can have no benefits for any political cause, and can serve only to inflame the public and damage our faith in the electoral system.

On that note, this is the time to make peace with our leftist friends. DO NOT RUB IT IN. Republicans won almost across the board, but you don’t need to gloat. However, that doesn’t mean I need to let crap like this pass, from this ultraliberal blogger:

We put together an unprecedented ground operation, but it was matched by the zealots on the right. We experienced an explosion in the blog world and started a nascent liberal radio network, but our message machine was far outmatched by the rightwing noise machine (Fox News, the Washington Times, Drudge Report, Talk Radio, etc.) We put forth quality candidates in races nationwide, only to see most outclassed and outgunned by a GOP which ran on three simple tenets: God, guns and gays.

Got that? Where liberals have “ground game,” we have “zealots.” Liberals have a “message machine,” while we have a “noise machine.” They have “quality candidates,” while Republicans are one-dimensional. In other words, when liberals do it, it’s good. When conservatives do it, it’s somehow nefarious. Nice to know your double standards are alive and kicking, Kos.

But what can you expect? His readers expect to hear this stuff, and they’re even worse than he is with it. They apparently can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that we simply don’t see the world the same way, and it’s not because we’re delusional:

Second, gut any Bush hopes for legitimacy. Find the places in Florida and Ohio and every other state where a plausible argument for Republican vote fraud can be made. It doesn't matter whether it did happen or not. What matters is if it can be plausibly alleged to marginal Bush supporters and to the media. We also have to let the issue go where it's implausible. Hammering on voter fraud where it's not at least plausible on that level is only going to hurt our credibility. We have to sink our fangs into Republican ankles and hang onto them for dear life on the legitimacy issue. We have to make him "Bush the only American President who was never elected" whether it's true or not.

[We] have to let them have the big national right wing policy victories that are going to do obvious, and in some cases, long term damage to this country. The only way we're going to be able to win at the midterms and in 08 is if all those Bush voters who currently refuse to join the reality based community are hit with reality in a way that hurts them personally. If we can't get at least some of them to switch sides, we will be in deeper trouble than I can imagine. So, brace yourself for a lot of pain. Here's a very short list: Iraq is going to go to hell. We will probably get a draft. The deficit, combined with the trade imbalance, and the falling dollar is going to rip the shit out of the economy. Liberal social policies are going to be set back a generation at least. Psychotic justices are going to be seated in many courts including the Supreme Court. We may lose Roe V. Wade. Global warming gets another 2-4 years of growth without America doing anything about. More poisons in our air and water. There's more but that's all I can stand to write at the moment. Every one of these things is terrible, and every one has to be hung around the neck of Bush and his Republican allies in Congress, because every one of them is going to hurt at least some of the disbelief in reality crowd. It's going to be very very ugly, but if the Repubs have control, they also get stuck with the blame.

And that's number five. Blame and revenege. For the next two years anything bad that happens to America belongs to the Republicans and we have to make it stick. We have to use that to take back the house and the senate. Then we have to spend two more years nailing every bad thing to George Bush's feet so that he sinks to the very bottom of the sea of shit he's creating and stays there for eternity. We need to make sure that by the end of a second term he's already being singled out by historians as the worst president America has ever seen. The next two years must be seen to be the absolute nadir of American history and all the blame need to land on the Republicans like a million tons wet turds...

If all our jobs are oursourced and our schools and communities fall apart, then we have a choice. Be poor, or join the only possible growth industry: storm troopers on foreign lands in the service of our corporations. Our industries will shut down. Our military will expand. This is the future i fear most. We'll provide security for the rich guys. This has always been a model of totalitarian and fascist states.

We're obviously not there yet, and we can turn it around.

I’ll let that speak for itself.

The election is over, and it’s time for healing. Election losers, do not become embittered. Election winners, do not become arrogant. We all want to help our country. We may disagree on how to do so, but we are still all Americans.


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