Thursday, October 14, 2004

Potential Voter Fraud

If you're worried about voter fraud, here's the site for you. Bill Hobbs keeps a running archive of potential fraud across the nation. Also, see this article at the Kerry Spot for a story on possible fraud in Milwaukee. Apparently the city is requesting 938,000 ballots for this election. Just a small problem:

The total population in Milwaukee: 596,974 in 2000 and 593,920 in 2004 The total number of people who are of legal voting age in Milwaukee in 2004: 423,811
Total votes cast in 2000 fall election: 245,670 Total votes cast in 2002 fall election: 141,351 (pre-registration of 335,889)

If this is as bad as it looks, it may be someone stuffing the ballot box.


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