Monday, October 25, 2004

Political Poseur

In an interesting article entitled "Political Poseur," Richard Rushfield performs a little experiment. He wandered through hardcore Bush country in Kerry-Edwards 04 gear, and through Kerry country in Bush-Cheney 04 getup. He then proceeded to write about the type of reactions he recieved.

The idea was not to see how people would deal with overt opposition but how the mere existence of a political opponent would be tolerated. And so, campaign logo on my chest, and no small amount of mortal terror in my heart, I sallied forth to see if political freedom would pass the T-shirt test in our two Americas, Red and Blue.

His worst experience as a "Democrat" in Red country was a man who:

fixates on my shirt and begins to follow me, seemingly mesmerized by the power of my Kerry-Edwards logo. I look back and see him trailing behind me, mouth agape, his eyes glued to my back. Whether the shirt identifies me as his leader or whether it is his Manchurian Candidate-like signal to kill, I can't tell. I duck into the mall's Starbucks and the spell seems to break; he turns and wanders away.

What happened to the "Republican" in Blue country? Well, let's just say it's a bit more overt and awkward. Read it to find out.


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