Saturday, October 30, 2004

Parody of Kerry on abortion

On a very intriguing blog, Philosophia Perennis, I found the most fantastic parody of John Kerry's abortion logic (which I have previously blogged on here). Given that he considers life to have started at conception, this is the natural extension of his logic to justify abortion:

"I am personally opposed to killing abortionists. However, inasmuch as my personal opposition to this practice is rooted in sectarian (Catholic) religious belief in the sanctity of human life, I am unwilling to impose it on others who may, as a matter of conscience, take a different view. Of course, I am entirely in favor of policies aimed at removing the root causes of violence against abortionists. Indeed, I would go as far as supporting mandatory one-week waiting periods, and even non-judgmental counseling, for people who are contemplating the choice of killing an abortionist. I believe in policies that reduce the urgent need some people feel to kill abortionists while, at the same time, respecting the rights of conscience of my fellow citizens who believe that the killing of abortionists is sometimes a tragic necessity; not a good, but a lesser evil. In short, I am moderately 'pro-choice.'"

Stick 'dat in yo pipe and smoke it, Mr. Kerry!

But seriously, I recommend reading the highly edifying dialogue that ensues. These guys are bright ones (and they even discuss Derrida and deconstruction for you, Karl, although in an unrelated post).


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