Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Islamofascism in action

Wow... This guy is off his rocker. The Secratary General of the Egyptian Labor Party rants and raves on television:

"As for the hostages you spoke of, they are not hostages, sir, but prisoners. According to Islamic law, hostages can be redeemed, set free, or killed. When you are weak - you kill. The prisoners in Iraq, sir – 99% of the cases are proper, according to Islamic law. All those who were killed were agents and partners of the occupation. 75% of the hostages were released in exchange for political gains.

"So how come some voices in the Islamic movement and official clerics tell us that killing prisoners is un-Islamic? No, both the Koran and the Prophet's biography permit the killing of prisoners. This exists in our Islamic law and in the laws of all nations.

“We are the weak ones. They make demands on us that don’t exist in international law. There must be reciprocity. If your city is being bombed... Those who bomb Fallujah cannot prevent me from bombing Los Angeles. Why Fallujah? Why do we always feel inferior to them? What is the meaning of this inferiority complex? If we had missiles we should have bombed Los Angeles or any other city until they stopped bombing Fallujah, Samarra, and Ramadi.

“Sir, why do the government clerics ignore the killing of the prisoners during the time of the Prophet? 600-700 prisoners were killed in the raid on the Qurayza tribe.

“Why do they conceal this? Why do they hide the fact that the Prophet gave the order to assassinate some poets — to assassinate! Not in military operations, but rather by individual assassination.

“Why did he order the assassination of K’ab Ibn Ashraf, the Jew, leader of Khaybar ? And then he ordered the assassination of the leader who successive him. As a result, the Jews became fearful and terrified.”

That's right, this politician is attempting to use Islamic law to justify beheading hostages, making terrorist attacks on LA, and assasination.

Watch the video here; you really need to see this.
Hat tip: Little Green Footballs


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