Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate II

Time for Republicans to breathe a cosmic sigh of relief. Bush, at worst, earned a draw out of this. He started off fairly lame, but warmed up quickly. He took some hits from Kerry over Clear Skies, No Child Left Behind, and fumbled early on Iraq and Terror. But he gave as good as he got, hammering Kerry with his 20 year senate record, apparently voting to raise taxes 98 times! He also got Kerry THE CATHOLIC to say in public that he supports public funds for abortion. [Sound of Kerry's chances with the Catholic demographic flushing down drain]

Bush also had a great line. Kerry accused Bush of being a "small business" according to the rules used for a study Bush cited saying 900,000 small businesses would be taxed by Kerry. And he was a "small business" because he recieved an 80 some dollar check from a lumber company.

Bush: "I own a lumber company? That's news to me - need some wood?"

And I must say the last question pissed me off: "Mr. President, tell us three mistakes you have made and what you have done to correct them." Who picked these questions? How is it far to let Kerry finish the debate by giving him an open invitation to say "These are all the places my opponent screwed up."?

My take on the debate: I believe, after some careful reflection, that Bush won this debate. Not by much, but he did. I believe they tie on content, but Bush was the clear winner in the charisma category. In the first debate he looked unprepared and defensive. In this one, he came out swinging, and seemed to have an emotional connection with listeners. By the end, Kerry clearly appeared to be the one out of place. The format favored Bush with his personal appeal, and even though he had me worried in the beginning, he managed to edge a victory out of this one... barely.

MORE: I forgot to mention Kerry's dodge on the Iran question, turning it into a tirade against nuclear proliferation in general. And he complained about our nuclear bunker buster research at the same time, again showing the worst in leftist moral equivalence. That won't hurt him with the base, but to imply that we can't develop our weapons because some tyrannical yahoo might use it as an excuse to build his own... Grrr...


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