Sunday, September 05, 2004

So you say we don't "fight fair?"

Liberals continue to whine about the right not "fighting fair" when it comes to this election. Such accusations of cheap shots can be effective... but only if the accusers hold the moral high ground themselves. So for every liberal that says we conservatives take cheap shots, I ask them to first examine their own track record in this campaign: (borrowed from

  • A Democrat Congressman says the Bush administration is taking America "into a snake pit of fascism."
  • Getting former astronaut and Democrat Senator John Glenn to trot out the Hitler comparison.
  • Three liberal protestors tried to disrupt Bush's convention speech (funny, I didn't see any conservatives trying to disrupt Kerry's speech to the DNC convention).
  • Liberal protestors who tie up city streets and inconvenience people just so they can satisfy their narcissistic jones.
  • A featured speaker at a NOW rally says Bush "savagely raped " women "over and over."
  • Zillionaires like George Soros trying to buy the election for Kerry through the 527 loophole, of which Democrats have made far greater use than the GOP.
  • Unions using members' dues to fund political activities that almost uniformly support Democrats.
  • When a state police union bucks the tide by considering supporting Bush, Democrat legislators threaten retaliation.
  • Democrat operatives working overtime to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot, thus besmirching the very name of their party.
  • The Democrat's media allies planning a 60 Minutes smear of Bush's National Guard service.
  • Kitty Kelley's book smearing Bush that will be released as a last-minute October surprise.
  • Michael Moore's fantasies turned into a feature-length campaign ad.
  • Bruce Springsteen getting around campaign finance laws by organizing an anti-Bush concert.
  • Free advertising for the left at nearly every Hollywood awards show where one or more acceptance speechs attack Bush.
  • The incredible media bias towards Democrats, which Newsweek editor Evan Thomas says is worth "maybe 15 points" for Kerry.

Now... the conservative movement may not be perfect, and has indeed done mudslinging, but until the left is willing to clean up their act, they get no right to complain.


At 9/15/2004 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ello dahhlling,
2 things
1st) a snake pit sounds fun. It doesn't have to be of fascism, I've always prefered ball pythons but to each their own.
2nd) Both sidesin any disagreement will sling mud. And both will always say "I don't do it, I'll clean up when he does, or Well, he does it worse." So again, having humans involved is not a good thing. But, eh, sorry we have to deal with it. Just do what you did on the playground as a kid and ignore them.
Or you could remember those teachers who thought if someone was mean to someone of the other gender they liked thme. Then think oh yay! they like us, the democrats really want our sexy republican selves.
Guess who?


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