Thursday, September 23, 2004

AP campaigning against Bush... again...

Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi gave a speech to Congress , saying that "The insurgency in Iraq is destructive but small, and it has not and will never resonate with the Iraqi people," and that "Elections will occur in Iraq on time in January because Iraqis want elections on time." The AP has a story out on the wire now to cover this speech (I can't find the text online, but Powerline has a more detailed story on it). In it they do three things:

1) Tell you what Allawi said (fair enough).
2) Do their best to undercut the substance of the speech
3) Finish with Kerry bashing Bush Iraq policy and a Washington analyst blasting it by saying "As Prime Minister Allawi comes here, we need real accomplishments and real progress and honest measures of capability, not sound bites of rhetoric which are not substantiated by the figures being issued in detail by the United States government."

In all honesty, shouldn't we give this guy at least a fair hearing before laying into him like this?


"The United States and the Iraqis have retreated from whole areas of Iraq," Kerry told reporters outside a Columbus firehouse. "There are no-go zones in Iraq today. You can't hold an election in a no-go zone."

In the words of John Hinderaker:

So the Democratic Party's candidate for President is on record as saying that January elections are impossible; or, if held, they will be illegitimate. The primary purpose of the terrorists' current terror campaign is to force the postponement or cancellation of the Iraqi elections. A secondary objective has been to secure the election of John Kerry. Through Kerry's own actions, those objectives have now become one. Kerry's message to the terrorists is: What you're doing is working. Keep it up. If I'm elected, you'll get your wish and there will be no elections in Iraq.


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