Thursday, September 09, 2004

Air Guard Documents Forged?

The Powerline blog has a fascinating story on the possible (probable?) forgery of documents used in the recent 60 minutes report questioning President Bush's Air National Guard duty. If true, this could devastate their credibility.

The permalink for the story isn't working; I'll try to fix it later. For now, simply scroll down to the post entitled "The Sixty-First Minute." If that doesn't work, there's a similar story here.

UPDATE: Powerline's permalink appears to be working now, so here it is.

UPDATE 2: The more I read, the more it appears that these are forgeries. The typesetting, letter formatting, and style all appear to be far more recent than 1972. Powerline is still leading the charge with this one, so go to them for the full story (see above).

UPDATE 3: Apparently CBS is unwilling to do anything about this. They say there will be no investigation. Even with the plethora of evidence trotted out against CBS, they appear to be prepared to walk the plank for the sole purpose of damaging Bush's chances for reelection. Reason #5782 not to trust the mainstream media...


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